Remove Powered by WordPress

If your theme adds ‘Powered by WordPress’ in the footer (Twenty Twenty does…), you may remove it. I do not recommend hiding it like this:

.powered-by-wordpress {display:none;}

although that certainly will work. But hiding links on your site could be misinterpreted by search engines.

The best way is add a footer.php file to your child theme. Then copy all the text from the twenty twenty footer.php file and remove the offending section. As of this post, that section begins with a paragraph tag with a class of “powered-by-wordpress” and ends with < !– .powered-by-wordpress –>
Just take out that entire paragraph after you copy the original file to your child theme.

If you don’t have a child theme, spin one up! It only takes a few minutes and offers you a way to modify your theme and theme styles in a safe and efficient way.
How to create a Twenty Twenty Child Theme