Credit Card Field Extension for Gravity Forms


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Eliminate the CSV / security code field requirement in the Gravity Forms credit card field type.

The security code field exists but isn’t required. You can use a placeholder to indicate the field isn’t required or is optional if you like.

When the plugin is activated, it seamlessly replaces the default credit card field validation in your forms and allows for a blank value for the security code csv field.

For use with, you must have the CSV field as optional in your > Settings > Payment Form fields. View the Authorize. net instructions regarding this form here:

If you are not using, you will need to determine if your payment gateway requires the field or if it can be eliminated.

This plugin has been tested with the Gravity Forms plugin and the CIM Payment plugin. It should work with any payment gateway for Gravity Forms as it simply overrides the credit card field validation process regardless of what gateway is used.

Version 1.0

Requires PHP 5.4 (this is an old version of PHP so most sites are at least here; but contact me if you’re not sure.)

Installation: Activate and enter your Serial Key in Settings>CC Field Extension. That’s it. The plugin will automatically work with any Credit Card field in your forms.