Authorize Capture or Just Authorize?

What is the difference between authorize and authorize capture? During the checkout process, your website sends customer information and instructions on what to do with it to your payment gateway in the form of a ‘request’.  The two most common requests are Authorize and Authorize Capture. Your gateway then acts on your request by communicating with your […]

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I am a software consultant and developer specializing in custom Wordpress plugins including APIs (, Gravity Forms, eTapestry, Event Espresso, Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Drive, etc).
I love creating elegant solutions to business problems. If you have a need for something you can’t find, I can build it.

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Recommended plugins for WordPress

What WordPress plugins should I have? I get asked this question a lot so thought I would write a post about my most recommended plugins. I try to keep sites lean. There is nothing worse than opening a WordPress dashboard and seeing a list of pink boxes screaming for an update. Even a seasoned developer […]

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Avoid attacks!

If you have a payment gateway, odds are good your site will become the target of an attack. Here are some things you can do to diminish the odds as well as the damage. users can utilize the (now free) Fraud Detection Suite tools and set filters. The Daily Velocity Filter can be set to a reasonable number based […]

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Once again is sending out emails to their clients regarding technical updates. I’ve checked numerous sites and the only changes I’ve had to make are regarding the Akamai SureRoute Reminder. According to We strongly recommend that you proactively update your website or payment solution during Phase One rather than waiting to be automatically updated during […]

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What browser should I use?

Is Firefox better than Chrome? Is Chrome better than Internet Explorer (IE)? What difference does it make what browser I use? These are all questions I have had to answer. So here are my thoughts. First, you need to understand what is a browser. So if you’ve not read that post, check it out first. […]

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What is a browser?

Why is there more than one browser? Are all browsers the same? A browser is like a chauffeur and interpreter for the internet. It takes you where you want to go (a webpage) and then translates the code it finds into a visual representation on your screen (or printer). Like most things, competition arises when there is […]

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