Avoid attacks!

If you have a payment gateway, odds are good your site will become the target of an attack. Here are some things you can do to diminish the odds as well as the damage.

  • Authorize.net users can utilize the (now free) Fraud Detection Suite tools and set filters. The Daily Velocity Filter can be set to a reasonable number based on your business activity. For example, if you’re only doing 10 sales a day, set the number to 20.
  • Woocommerce users can install this plugin:
    WP Recaptcha Integration: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-recaptcha-integration/
    It works with the latest Google No Captcha checkbox UI on the woocommerce checkout page. You’ll need to sign up for a key from Google (of course…) but it’s quick and easy if you already have a Google account (and you probably do). And customers only have to click a box – no trying to decipher a house number or freaky images.