Network Change is rolling out yet another change to theirĀ  API. According to a recent Partner Notification they will be changing from Akamai SureRoute to Cloudflare as their content delivery network (CDN) for their network portals.

As usual the roll out will begin with developer ‘sandbox’ accounts so that we may test the new CDN and ensure any code we manage is compatible. There will be plenty of time during this phase to make any changes needed and test thoroughly.

Should any of our plugins require modification, changes will be made long before production sites are affected. The latest versions will be completely compatible with the new system.

It is important however, that you keep all of your payment plugins updated as any upcoming versions may have compatibility modifications. Keep your plugins updated by downloading the latest versions through your email link or by logging into your account.

To view details of the change, please visit

And as always, contact us if you have questions or concerns.